Bagi-bagi Saldo Dana Kaget

Bagi-bagi Saldo Dana Kaget

Ini merupakan halaman akhir untuk mendapatkan dana kaget yang saya bagikan setiap hari secara gratis, sesuai dengan yang sudah saya jelaskan di video youtube. Jadi nantinya teman teman akan selalu diarahkan ke halaman ini jika ingin mendapatkan dana kaget gratis. Selanjutnya silahkan ikuti petunjuk untuk menuju linknya.

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Inti dari halaman ini adalah untuk menuju link dana kaget yang dibagikan berdasarkan video, dan semoga bisa Bermanfaat bagi semuanya. Terimakasih yang Sudah Subscribe ke Channel saya dan mengunjungi halaman ini. Semoga kita selalu diberikan kesehatan dan bisa menjadi orang yang sukses serta berguna bagi kedua orang tua kita. Aamiin.

Why Kaspersky Secure Connection ( VPN ) is needed?

Public Wi-Fi networks may be under-protected, for example, if a Wi-Fi network uses a vulnerable encryption protocol or a popular Wi-Fi network name (SSID). When you make Internet purchases over insecure Wi-Fi networks, your passwords and other confidential data are transmitted in non-encrypted text. Hackers can intercept your confidential data, find out your bank card number, and obtain access to your money.

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, Kaspersky Secure Connection checks the network. If the Wi-Fi network is insecure, Kaspersky Secure Connection prompts you to enable a secure connection via a specially allocated server located in the country you specify. When a secure connection is enabled, data from a website is first received by the allocated server. Kaspersky Secure Connection then sends the data to your device over an encrypted secure connection.

Kaspersky Secure Connection provides the following advantages :

  • Safe use of payment systems and booking sites.
  • Hackers will not be able to intercept your bank card number on a website when you make online payments, book hotel rooms, or rent cars.
  • Protection for your secret information.
  • No one will be able to determine the IP address of your device or your location.
  • goog_1489176952Protection of your privacy No one will be able to intercept and read your private correspondence on social networks, chats, and email websites. Kaspersky Secure Connection can also be used for other types of network connections, such as a local Internet connection or USB modem connection.

By default, Kaspersky Secure Connection does not prompt you to enable a secure connection if the HTTPS protocol is used to connect to a website. Changing the country to connect from when visiting websites of banks, payment systems, booking websites, social networks, chats, and email websites could result in the triggering of anti-fraud systems. Anti-fraud systems are intended for analyzing online financial transactions for signs of fraudulent operations.

1). Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth) Be careful almost the bandwidth which is the amount of information bytes transferred from your website to your visitors, it is calculated based on the images together with text contents that moves from your spider web hosting to your visitors when they view a sure webpage on your website, don’t believe inwards gratis or unlimited bandwidth because extra bandwidth costs the spider web hosting fellowship together with they take to pay for it together with therefore e’er get for spider web hosting that has a bandwidth of three GB together with up.

2). Disk space Web hosting companies offering these days 500 MB -1GB together with upwards together with they know you lot won’t role all this disk infinite together with therefore they are generous, trust me you lot demand solely 10-20 MB together with therefore don’t ever consider whatever spider web hosting because of the disk space, it’s the concluding matter to consider when comparing.

3). Reliability (% of downtime) Downtime is the amount of fourth dimension per twelvemonth when you lot spider web hosting server goes downwards together with therefore your visitors volition non live able to come across your website together with you lot volition lose them together with therefore reliability should live 99% together with I desire to tell fifty-fifty to a greater extent than than that 99.5%, don’t get below 99%.

4). Technical support Technical back upwards includes chatting amongst a mortal from the spider web hosting fellowship for quick query and/or sending spider web tickets for technical/sales issues, my spider web hosting replies to my tickets inside an hr which is actually good.

5). FTP, PHP, PERL,.htaccess, MySQL, cronTabs FTP is a facility to upload your files to your hosting, PHP together with PERL are scripting linguistic communication many spider web applications are written using them for instance WordPress is written inwards PHP together with MySQL equally the database end, don’t ever mean almost sacrificing PHP together with MySQL cronTabs is a characteristic of making your spider web hosting running some tasks based on a schedule you lot specify together with the best instance is installing a gratis autoresponder, but to permit you lot know I didn’t know almost the cronTabs when I bought my spider web hosting together with they disable the cronTabs to improve their spider web server performance.

6). SSL (Secure Server together with shopping cart) Some hosting companies offering shopping cart together with of course of instruction whatever shopping cart role SSL for securing your credit carte du jour transactions, together with therefore you lot should consider this selection if you’re planning to run an online store.

7). Email, Autoresponders, POP3, Mail Forwarding Your spider web hosting should permit you lot make emails on your domain squall together with therefore it volition live inwards the format of “[email protected]”, e’er live careful of the emails disk infinite equally sometimes they offering real depression electronic mail infinite that you lot take to e’er delete emails to avoid bouncing dorsum whatever emails coming to you lot because of exceeding over quota

8). Control Panel Some spider web hosting telephone outcry upwards it cPanel together with some telephone outcry upwards it dissimilar names, whatever what you lot should consider is your power to complete all the higher upwards mentioned tasks from your cPanel without referring dorsum to your hosting company. Think almost it, what if every fourth dimension you lot desire to make an electronic mail together with you lot transport a back upwards ticket to them to live created later on 24-48 hours, what a frustration.

9). Adding multiple domains together with sub domains Some spider web hosting offering 1 gratis domain when you lot purchase their spider web hosting, don’t live fooled past this, yep it’s expert to take it but e’er consider the power to take many domains on your hosting, I don’t desire to tell unlimited but you lot should take 5-6 domains together with I mean that’s enough. But the sub domains which are the power to make dissimilar folders on your domain similar “” together with therefore bottom line, sub domains should live unlimited or plenty to permit you lot play around.

10). Windows or Unix server All PHP, MySQL together with PERL should run on UNIX/LINUX servers but non ASP which is a windows scripting linguistic communication on the other side most of the Windows servers are capable of running PHP, PERL together with MySQL together with therefore you’ll live surprised when I suggest you lot it’s ameliorate to host on UNIX/LINUX servers that Windows for many reasons regarding reliability together with performance.

Bagi-bagi Saldo Dana Kaget
Bagi-bagi Saldo Dana Kaget

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